Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hearing Another Message

We are still hearing the message of 50 years ago, while all about us people are trying to deny that it means anything any more.

They still try to tell us we can only have what they will allow us to have, and they are trying to prevent us from having anything. 

They believe they have talked us into defining "anything" and "having" by the toys in our closets or the technology in our hands.

We're listening to a different message that says we will not be limited by their selfish, power-tripping illusions. 

"Anything" also means what is in our hearts and in our minds.  They think they can cut funding to libraries and cripple our brains, but they can't stop us from learning from the great works posted on the Internet or from SNOPES or other busters of urban legends and they can't stop us from learning about the fallacies in their arguments, the falsehoods in their pronouncements, and the failures in their morality which comes from the weakness of their hearts and minds.

"Having" means our relationships with family and friends.  They think they can isolate us in fear or envy of each other by pretending that what they refuse to give us is going to somebody else with a fatter wallet or bigger voting block.  They can't stop us from looking at our families and friends and seeing the colors of the rainbow and all kinds of love.  They can't stop us from understanding that they falsely believe we all dream their own delirious dreams of hatreds and envies and fears.

We will listen to a bigger, better message that helps us grow and love and live.

© Patricia Heil, 2013-2018 All Rights Reserved

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