Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I stopped using my alarm clock in the winter to see how it would go.  It went pretty well, I was still waking up within the same half hour.  I'm a morning person anyway, and I had lots of projects I was working on -- DIY, the Mendel Beilis thing, and so on.

My birds must have decided something was wrong when the lights didn't go on at the same time and breakfast was late. 

So they ganged up on me.  First the robins.  You know robins are the suburbs' equivalent of a rooster, right?  They start up about 4:30. 

But the robins' nests start to empty by the end of July, so the wrens picked up the slack.  Pipit, Pipit!  Every morning at 6.  If it isn't a hearty terWILLig terWILLig terWILLig.

This morning the wrens were silent but the jays started screaming.

And in a month or so the Carolina chickadees will take their turn.

No rest for the weary.  Oh well, I had a batch of French bread to finish anyway.

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