Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I'm having half price lox this week.

No, it' s not close to expiration date or something.  Just the opposite.  I bought a three pound slab of raw salmon and turned it into lox.  The recipe is here.

I leave out the dill.

During the three days that the lox cures I do other stuff like work on the Mendel Beilis thread.

When the curing is done, I put a couple of tablespoons of alder shavings in my stovetop hot smoker and smoke the fish. 

Then I pull off the skin and trash it, cut the salmon into four wrapped packages and put three in the freezer.

I will be baking bagels from scratch today and spreading them with onion-flavored yogurt cheese made from homemade yogurt.  Yogurt cheese is somewhere between sour cream and cream cheese in texture and it also makes a fabulous potato chip and veggie dip.

Who said living well is the best revenge!!!

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