Thursday, August 8, 2013

Old Bitch

Yeah, I'm breaking the rules again.

So here is a pet peeve.  The phone rings.  I let it ring a few times to weed out the spam calls.

When I do answer, I say hello and count to four, not very fast.  Nobody talks.

So I hang up.

If you're mad because somebody hung up just as you started to talk, get over it.  If I interrupt what I'm doing to pick up the phone, I expect you to be paying attention to the fact that I answered the call.

Then I expect you to say hello so I know you were paying attention.

Then I expect you to say who you are.  I didn't call you, and if I don't know who you are, there's no reason I should talk to you.

Only then should you ask who answered the phone or ask for the person you wanted to talk to.

Face it, if I know you, I'll recognize your voice.  If I don't, you're a stranger.  My momma told me not to talk to strangers.  If you're not willing to tell who you are, then you intend to remain a stranger.

I'm supposed to care if you're mad because I hung up?  NGHMFriend.

Somebody I know says I have to realize that cells don't have instantaneous response, the signal has to go up to the satellite and back down again.  That's what the four-count is for. 

So if you can't spend at least half a minute while I weed out the spam and you start messing with paper on your desk and you aren't ready to say Hello when I pick up, you don't really care about talking to me at all, you just care about me listening to you.  There's a difference.

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