Monday, December 28, 2015


In a little over two years your pageviews top 16,000.

I'm flattered.

Interesting thing happened recently: lots of hits on the Fact-Checking Bibliography.
There are almost 440 entries in that list.
It's incomplete. I should add some things I accessed during my Samaritan studies.

For 2016:
First Thursday in January, I start posting Hebrew lessons that start with information from Dr. John A. Cook's 2002 doctoral dissertation which taught me about verb aspect and modal morphology. It goes beyond that, however, into internal passives, use of the infinitive absolute, and pausal forms.

About July, the Fact-Checking page will change subjects. I'll finish the archaeology postings and turn to a subject I call "lost in translation". I'll repeat a little bit of what's on the Hebrew page, from another perspective.

Knitting: I'll try to get around to my argyle knitting; that's probably the only new thing for that page. In the meantime my old Cotton Fleece winter warmers are wearing out so most of what I'm doing is replacing them with WotA suites.

Gardening and DIY: I'm thinking hard about a couple of new gardening projects, one of which has a three month deadline. Both of them cross over into DIY.

Outdoors:  This may cross over into an old hobby of mine, drawing.  I might shove a sketch block and some pencils into a backpack and go out walking around the neighborhood, stopping to draw things that catch my attention.  Don't expect to see any shots.  Blogger won't let me upload graphics and besides, it's been so long since I did any drawing that I don't expect to produce anything presentable.

I've gotten hardly any comments so I don't know what you find interesting, or whether your blogs have used mine as a point of departure. What I do know is that flurries of pageviews from Ukraine coincide with flurries of pageviews on the Mendel Beilis material; and new posts on knitting coincide with pageviews from France. Plus you my faithful regulars on the Hebrew and Fact-Checking pages, either when they are posted or after Shabbat ends.

Thank you one and all.

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