Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bit at a Time Bible Hebrew -- top verbs

Here is a list of the most common verbs in Genesis. They are sorted from least to most common.

If you have bought Bolozky’s 501 Hebrew Verbs, you can learn the conjugations in Biblical Hebrew – they are pretty much the same as in modern Hebrew, which is what the book focuses on. Learn the qal of these 29 verbs – except, learn the piel of “speak” – and the hifil of “come, go” and you will cut way down on how often you need to pull out the dictionary.

אהב Love
חלם Dream
אסף Add
עלה Go up
שים Place, put, set
קום Get up
דבר Speak
ירד Go down
ידע Know
מצא Find
שמע Hear
מות Die
ישב Sit, live
עשה Do, make
שוב Return
ילד Give birth
יצא Go out
ברך Bless
אכל Eat
יגד Tell
קרא Call, name, read
ראה See, look
הלך Walk, go
לקח Take, marry, buy
חיה Live
נתן Give, put, set in place
בוא Come, go
היה Be
אמר Say
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