Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Garden -- December

I have a question.  Did I see what I thought I saw this weekend?

I'm talking about you people out there in the DC region mowing your lawns.

What would you do if you were fast asleep and somebody suddenly starting using electric shears on your head?

You'd probably knock them on their butts.

So what are you doing mowing grass that is trying to get its winter sleep?

I don't care if afternoon temps are 50 or 60 degrees.
We've had half  a dozen hard frosts and the grass is dormant.
It's not growing. 
It doesn't need to be mowed any more than you need somebody to give you a buzz cut at 1 a.m.

Spend those warm afternoons getting yourself a winter tan.
But take your mower in and get the blade sharpened and when you get it back, put it in the shed or under a tarpaulin.
And let sleeping lawns lie.

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