Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Outdoors -- blackbird central

That's what my town was this weekend.
They started flowing in from the west Friday.
Sunday they flocked from the south.
There were hundreds of them, maybe thousands.
It took hours for the sky to clear.
They draped the trees, gossiping at the tops of their voices.
Once in a while they would drop down and carpet the grass.
A bunch of them even sat on the road for a moment until a car came through the intersection.
You want blackbirds in your neighborhood; they eat bugs and they are much better-mannered than starlings, who will try to nest in any relatively enclosed space.  Like the enclosure of your through-the-wall AC.  I've seen it happen.
What you don't want are crows, who have a body-image problem.
If these had been crows, the same number would have tried to perch on our trees and the trees would have broken under their weight.  I've seen it happen.
So welcome the blackbirds.

Next event: the return of the male robins.
In about two weeks.

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