Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stop it

A wonderful man died this weekend, Leonard Nimoy, known to generations as Mr. Spock.
He knew what killed him and campaigned until the end to keep it from killing others.
If you are using tobacco, STOP.
If you are using e-cigs, STOP.
It took 80 years to catch the nicotine pushers at their lies and make them pay the people they sickened and the families of the millions of people murdered by their products.
We have an opportunity now to save millions of lives.
Stop e-cigs.
Their manufacturers are nicotine pushers.
We don't know everything they are putting into their drugs.
Any more than we know everything a heroin dealer puts in his drugs.
But we do know that e-cigs deliver poisons along with the nicotine.
Stop them.
Stop yourself.
No tobacco.
No e-cigs.
Not now.
Not ever.
Stop it.

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