Monday, March 16, 2015

Knitting -- bolero/spencer

I don't care what you call this.  I came up with it when I had knitted tees in Perly Perle, and wasn't sure there was enough yarn left on the cone for a cardigan. 
If I have a double layer over my shoulders and something on my arms, I feel a little warmer.

You will need a US size 3 circular needle with a 24 inch tether, and
a US size 3 circular needle with a 12 inch tether, and
a set (at least 4) of double-pointed needles in US size 2 or 3.
At 7 stitches an inch, I need sleeves that are at least 140 rows long to reach to my wrists.  But Perly Perle is a summer-type yarn so I might want only 3/4 length sleeves, or 105 rows.
Cable on 300 stitches to a #0 circular needle with at least a 24 inch tether. (You can use #3 if you don't have a #0 and are just experimenting)
Work 4 rows of k2/p2 rib.
Switch to #3 circular needle with 24 inch tether and knit 30 or 60 rows, inserting a marker yarn on each of the opposite sides and working it up to the armholes.
Move 14 stitches, 7 on each side of the marker yarn, onto a holder and cast on 14 stitches for steeking.
Knit around and do the same at the other underarm.
Now for 7 rounds,
K2together at the end of the steeking, knit to the next underarm, skpsso, knit the steeking stitches, and repeat.
Now knit 83 rounds without decreasing, ending in the middle of the steeking for one armhole.
Turn inside out and, using a third needle, knit the first two stitches together.
Knit the next 2 stitches together and pass the previous stitch over leaving one stitch on your 3rd needle.
Repeat until 30 stitches have been knit off.
Turn shirt right side out and knit to the middle of the steeking for the other armhole.
Knit off 30 stitches on this side, too.
Now work k2/p2 rib for 6 rows and bind off in rib.
Use a size 3 circular needle with a 12 inch tether.
Starting at the right front, pick up the underarm stitches from the holder.
Pick up at most 90 stitches between that and the shoulder on the back, and another 90 down the front to the armhole
Mark where the middle of the underarm is.
Knit 2 rounds stopping 3 stitches before the middle of the underarm.
Slip 1 onto the needle.
Knit 1.
Pass the slip stitch over. (skpsso)
Knit 2.
Repeat these decreases every 3rd round for 64 rounds, ending at the crook of your elbow.
For short sleeves, do rib stitch for 6 rows and bind off.
For 3/4 length sleeves, knit at least 30 more rounds, decreasing every FOURTH round, and then make rib.
If you want full length sleeves, knit 120 rounds below the elbow, decreasing every 4th round.
            If you want loose sleeves, work rib here.
If you want tight cuffs, k2together 8 evenly spaced times.
Now move remaining stitches to size 3 double point needles, work rib and bind off in rib.
Now on the left front, pick up the underarm stitches from the holder, and pick up 90 stitches on the FRONT and then the other 90 down the back.  Everything else is the same.

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