Sunday, March 8, 2015

Garden -- March

This month you've got nothing but deadlines.
First, time is running out to get your mower sharpened, unless you have several feet of snow on your yard.  You know who you are.
Second, time is running out to get your cornmeal gluten for fertilizer/weed control.  You need it by the time the forsythia comes into bloom, because that's when you want to put it down.
Third, time is running out to have your garden ready for compost to plant cool weather veggies like greens, beets, turnip, carrot.
If you plant them too late, they will bolt and do other nasty things when it gets hot.
Finally, if you haven't pruned your hedges, it's almost too late.  Prune them after March,  and you will have to prune over and over again all summer. 
Fruit trees should be pruned now, too, and get ready to remove about half the blossoms so that the remainder can produce nice big fruit.
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