Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Garden -- green, green

OK now that I have that out of my system IT'S TIME.
If you are in the DC metro area, it's time to fertilize your lawn.
Ignore that Scott's guy.
Great mowers.
Bad lawn advice.
Put down cornmeal gluten now while the forsythias are in bloom.
It will both fertilize the grass and prevent weed seeds from sprouting.
And you won't have to put up a sign telling people you've poisoned your lawn.
Be careful.  We have laws all through this area about how much nitrogen homeowners can put on their lawns.
That's to help our water industries; like to go crabbing, don't qvetch.
If your lawn is all of 1250 square feet, you can use one bag now and one bag in the fall.
If it's smaller -- and don't pretend it isn't, OK? -- do the math and don't use the whole bag.

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