Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Outdoors -- Squirrels

I named two of the squirrels.
Snigglefritz -- OK I know that's really German for rabbit but -- is small with a turned up nose and a short tail.
I mean, it's straight at the top and just barely as long as her body.
I think this is a female.  Could be wrong.
The first time I met Snigglefritz I was chasing her away from the feeder.
She didn't run.
She stood there and she had this look on her face like, "I'm a squirrel.  People love me because I'm cute.  Why are you doing this to me?"
She's well-trained now, in fact one day last week all I did was open the door and she went airborne trying to get away from me.

Tigger is larger with some red on him.  I could be wrong about the gender.
Tigger runs very very fast with his tail straight up in the air and when he runs away from me,
he deliberately (I'm sure of it) caroms off the old tree trunk to get to a gap under the fence into the next yard.
Tigger bounces.
Now you know why he got his name.

There's also a large squirrel who moves slowly; I think she's an old female.
Didn't name her.
Perhaps "Madame".

There are two more who only seem to show up when the other three are trying to steal food so I can't tell them apart.

I'm sure my garden guru, who calls squirrels "tree rats", is shaking his head sadly if he's reading this.

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