Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY -- reminder

We should have known this if we were adults 12 months ago and living where it snows.
You have to listen to weather reports and take snow forecasts seriously.
Stock up on canned and other food that won't go bad.
Things you don't have to cook to eat.
Things you can cook in advance that won't spoil without refrigeration.
You also have to plan for burst pipes by keeping bottled water in the house.

When there's snow in the forecast, you have to plan for NOT getting to a restaurant to eat.
For at least a day.
Probably longer.
Because the restaurant's suppliers won't be able to bring in supplies.
You have to plan for NO recharging for phones and tablets and video games.
You have to plan for limited lighting.
You have to plan for your heating system not coming on because the thermostats don't work.

I'm counting my blessings right now because even in the heavy winds Sunday night into Monday
My power stayed on
I kept my car battery charged
I got to the store before the snow started.
If it stays on I'll be baking an apple pie, making an omelet, reheating sauerkraut and kielbasa, frying potatoes with spinach, knitting, working on Bible studies and other reading........
Because I DIY including planning to survive storms.

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