Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY -- hankies

I didn't make the hankies myself, although I know where to get the fine cotton for such things.
I bought 3 dozen from a website that sells them for people to embroider with unique monograms and things.
The question was, would this save me compared to paper hankies, which I was going through at a frightening rate.
That's because I have a dust mite allergy that goes with asthma, both inherited.
Well, I got two answers.
One was, yes, in 12 months I turned the corner and was saving money.
The second was, I was having less allergy problems and also less asthma problems.
I have no scientific data for why.
But dust mites live in dust, and the amount of dust floating around the house is much less than it was.
Some of that dust, therefore, was lint from the paper hankies.
The cotton hankies don't generate nearly as much lint.
So there's less stuff for the dust mites to nest in.
I don't need to wipe my nose as much, and there's less lint to provoke my asthma.
I have to wash them.  I do it in the hottest water I can stand, using lavender-scented castile soap.
I also bought lavender sachets to wrap the hankies around while they're in the closet.
You can get unscented castile soap if you are sensitive to fragrances. 
You can use castile soap for lots of things; search this blog or the web for "castile soap" to get ideas.
I'm killing fewer trees.  The boxes are the only things made from recycled material, not the tissues.
Think globally, act locally.

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