Monday, February 9, 2015

Outdoors -- next steps

Yesterday my cardinal started announcing his claim to his turf.
It was in the 60s with some sun.
He had a competitor.
I'm putting my money on my guy.
He and his wife have been feeding well this winter.
Partly that's because the squirrels have been put in their places so they're not getting as much of the sunflower seed I put out for the cardinals.
It's also better communications.
They have both learned that if they come and call at me -- that "tisking" sound they make -- I'll often put seed out. 
If they don't fly too far away, they'll get it fresh and warm before the squirrels show up.
If calling doesn't work, they have both figured out that making themselves visible sometimes does.
What that means is, they take up perches on the feeder.
They're too big to reach the food holes, but it puts them about eye level with me near a window.
So instead of putting out seed only at dawn and dusk, when the squirrels are in bed, they have sometimes been able to feed mid-morning and mid-afternoon, like the other birds.
Don't tell ME birds are dumb animals.
This pair of cardinals almost has me perfectly trained.
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