Sunday, September 18, 2016

Outdoors -- newbie

So there's a new kid in town.  The horizontal white thing in the middle of this shot is the sign for the court where my townhouse is.

Zoom in on it if you can, and you'll see my mockingbird sitting on it.  I got like 7 pictures which was surprising.
This is a shy bird and in past years I haven't noticed mockingbirds being shy.
It's also a quiet bird.
Maybe it's a female, or an adolescent who hasn't started vocalizing yet.

It's sitting here  because the tree on the right is a holly and mockingbirds tend to build their turfs around a holly tree.
Also because on the other side of the green fence under the sign, there are two ginormous pokeweed plants.
I've seen this bird getting berries off the pokeweed, and chasing away other birds.

As you can tell, I'm not good with a camera.  I'll try to get better at it.
One thing you won't get a lot of this season, though, is autumn color.
We haven't had a decent rain in 3-4 weeks so this year's color in my town is going to be pretty sad.
I'm not planning a drive out to the  Alleghenies just for shots of autumn leaves, you can find those anywhere online.
But nobody else is posting shots of my birds.

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