Monday, September 12, 2016

Garden -- September 2016

I know, I'm late.  I had other fish to fry.

Toward the  bottom of this article  is what you should be doing to your veggies now.

Make sure you have some paper bags and apples.
With  your green tomatoes, make picallily  or fried green tomatoes or chow chow.
When you're tired of those, bag the tomatoes with an apple in each bag.
As the apple wrinkles, the tomatoes will ripen.
Check every few days and take out the ripe ones.

AFAICT you shouldn't be pruning anything  now.
Unless you want to cut off tree branches that got fall webworm.
Like my mulberry.
When I saw the gauze,  I didn't freak.
I did some research on the  Internet.
I found out almost right away that gypsy moth don't like mulberry, so it wasn't that.
Mike McGrath told me gypsy moth spin  gauze in the spring and what I had was fall webworm.
I left it alone, and my blue jay was eying it, probably drooling over the possibility of some nice fat grubs.

We're in a drought and I'm leaving my grass alone.
It's all curled up to retain moisture and I want it to shade its roots so they don't burn.

I'm pulling out Korean dill (or mint, I'm not sure which it is any more) and chicory.
They are spent for the  year.

My morning glories, however, are gorgeous.

And the bees are  now showing  up in the morning before the glories close and gettin' some.
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