Sunday, September 4, 2016

DIY -- anti-bacterial nonsense

So Friday I tripped, fell on my concrete walk, scraped my knees, and bled some.
Did I pull out an anti-bacterial soap?
I did not.
I washed with castile soap and rinsed carefully.
The FDA agrees with me.

Anything you use on your hands gets into your body through the pores.
This has been known for years.
Doctors who use hand sanitizers have been testing positive for alcohol in the bloodstream.

I highly recommend that you go through everything in your house that you get on your hands when you use it.
Check the ingredients against the list in the first article.
Throw out everything that has one of those ingredients.

Do you have anything left to wash with?
Are you freaking out because you think bar soap has too much bacteria on it?
Child, how often do you throw out your toothbrush?
You think there aren't bacteria on that?

If you are worried about antibiotics in food causing problems with health care,
you now have to look into the mirror.
If you have fallen for the sales pitch about anti-bacterial ANY house or body product,
YOU are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Stop being hysterical.
Stop buying products that breed super bacteria that can't be killed.
And read this last article.

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