Sunday, September 13, 2015

The World is Coming to a Beginning!

The world begins again tonight.
It's been a good year.
There are over 14,000 real-people pageviews on the blog.
If you're new here, see these pages for the big stuff:

The Mendel Beilis trial transcript English translation -- first ever end-to-end.
Fact-Checking the Torah -- busting those urban legends.
Bit at a time Bible Hebrew -- trying to teach you to bust urban legends for yourself.
DIY -- how to save money by changing your habits, including basic cooking for yourself.

Plus all my garden and outdoors fun.

I began rewriting Narrating the Torah to go with Dr. Cook's dissertation, but at the same time
I began studying Samaritan Pentateuch carefully.
I began learning about terms like internal passive and pausal form.
I began examining trop, the marks that guide chanting  the Torah.
A synergy developed between all these things that has opened my eyes to Torah in a new way.

But everybody says that who studies Torah for itself, to really understand Gd's word.

You can begin that now, when your world comes to a beginning.

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