Sunday, September 27, 2015

DIY -- painting

The HOA told me to do some trim painting on my house.
They created a monster.
I could see that my front porch was starting to look ratty.
So I bought a quart of porch paint, a quart of trim paint, a scraper and a brush.
The trim passed inspection.
The porch looked amazing, like a ginormous carrot cake covered with cream cheese frosting.
They didn't say anything about the porch but they would have if it didn't measure up.
So I just saved myself a bad report in a future year.
There are ratty parts inside.
So I bought a quart of high-gloss and a gallon of semi-gloss.
I worked over the baseboards and a wall that desperately needed help, and the windowsills.
By the time I finished off the gallon, I had spruced up about half of the house.
Next time you're depressed about how your place looks,
Hit the home improvement store for some nice paint, a scraper and a couple of brushes with different widths.
You can use plastic trash bags for drop cloths.
Scrub the surface before you paint.
Do it in bits so you don't have to move all the furniture on the same day.
That way lie bruises and total exhaustion, and on a really bad day you'll break something you treasure, like a vase or an arm.
It will not turn you into Eldon the house painter, unless you entertain grandiose delusions.
(old people's reference, google murphy brown)
Work slowly with some good music on.
Good paint cleans off the brushes with water, and off your skin with a loofa or other exfoliator.
If you have help, pay off in pizza or Chinese food.
You'll be amazed at how good it feels to produce a nice-looking place without it costing an arm or leg, more or less literally.

Just one hint.   Before you move out, repaint in white; whatever color you chose may work with your  stuff but it might scare off buyers.

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