Sunday, October 2, 2016

The World is coming to a beginning!

Tonight is the beginning of the world!

Start all over.  Forget past "failures", but learn from them.
I did.

I always had trouble losing weight.
Then I got serious about getting my 8 hours of sleep a night.
It got easier not to pig out.

I cut portion sizes. 
I lost a clothing size.

I tripled how much I moved.
I lost another clothing size.

I eased up during the stinking hot spell in August.
I toughened up starting at 911.
I'm relearning Tai Ji using stuff on the net.
I prowl near my house taking snaps with my camera app on my cell phone.
Soon I'll be looking for photo ops all around my neighborhood.
And doing Tae Bo.

Do it.
When you're cooking, don't sit down while it browns, simmers, stews, bubbles or boils. 
Pace your place.
Clean stuff you don't usually clean.
Then wash your hands and dish up.

Get rid of sodas.
All sodas -- diet too -- contribute to Type II diabetes and fat around your middle.
Sales of diet sodas have dropped in the last couple of years.
The diabetes epidemic is slowing.
The fat epidemic is slowing.
It's like what happened when so many people stopped smoking --  lung cancer stopped being the #1 killer cancer.
Diabetes and obesity are killers, too. Learn how to fight them off, then do it.

Try try try again.
Never give up.

Start all over.
Tonight's  the night.

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  1. OK. You convinced me to get serious about dieting! KvCT.

  2. At least half the battle is getting your sleep, which nobody realized was so important until clinical studies in the last few years. A family member with sleep apnea got treatment and has dropped a clothing size in less than a year. My problem was insomnia; use the "search" box to see what I did about that. When you cut portion sizes, and get hungry, make sure to eat something high fiber and low fat, like a nice APPLE, especially tonight. Same for when you start exercising and get hungry. Drink your water, juice (we older people tend to forget to keep hydrated), limit caffeine and alcoholic drinks to avoid cramps from your workout and help you sleep. And of course use less fat, sodium, and sugar. Be patient and don't listen to people who promise that their trick will work magic. We don't do magic, now do we? Work with your body instead of against it!