Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm just saying -- the sequel

Last week I wrote about how the chickadees' behavior may mean a harsh winter.

Yeah.  Winter is coming.  You're going  to see snow fly.  Get over it.
If you have storage space in your home, you have no excuse not to be prepared for winter.
Stock up now on your canned food, crackers, bottled water, dry roast peanuts, dried fruit, jerky.
Stuff you don't have to cook.
Three weeks' worth. 
We've had back to back storms that kept the tractor trailers outside the Beltway that long.

Toilet paper doesn't go bad; get it.  Lots of it.  NOW.

Buy your calcium chloride and kitty litter.
Get a snow shovel.
De-icers don't work well on snow, they only keep pavement clean when they can get to it. 
You  have to shovel before you spread.

Get your batteries, your LED lamp, your battery powered radio.
Get some long johns, some ski gloves, some snow boots and thick socks, a hat and a scarf.
Get your chimney cleaned if you have a fireplace.
Keep up with your laundry, or buy extras because sometimes you can't get to the laundromat and sometimes a water main breaks.
Get a couple of Mylar emergency blankets for when the heat goes out.

Listen to the news and when it's going to snow, dress for it and drive for it.
Or stay off the roads.

Whining will not be tolerated.

I'm just saying...

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