Sunday, June 19, 2016

Garden -- grass 2016

The easy days of summer are here!
You're saying what?  It's lawn-mowing time!
Well, not quite.
Your lawn service is going to want you to pay them to do a bunch of things right now.
And it's bad for your grass.
See Mike:

Test your lawn service.
If they have been trying to get you to seed before July, fire them.
If they try to get you to fertilize now, fire them.
Ask what height their blade is set to.  If it's less than 3 inches, fire them.
If you come home after they've been there and the grass is swirled around but not cut,
THAT is a sign of a dull blade.  Fire them.
If you are home when you mow and you see dirt kicking up or hear the blade scrape on dirt, fire them.
If it hasn't rained for three weeks and they still want you to pay them to mow,  fire them.

Mike hasn't gotten around to this last one yet because while parts of the DC area are dry, others just suffered big storms.

Also, you have about three weeks left to prune your azaleas. 
Prune after that and you will destroy next year's flower buds.

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