Sunday, June 5, 2016

Knitting -- leftovers

I haven't posted anything about this topic for a long time.

I've been using up the remains of old projects.
I had enough Perly Perle for sleeveless boleros in every color.

Don't throw leftovers out right away.
Especially if you overbought.
If the leftovers aren't enough for a pair of socks or gloves,
it might be enough for a spare sock or glove.

Another thing I did was granny squares, also known as American squares.
There are patterns on the web.
Multiple shades for a big shaded square.
Multiple colors for a multicolor square
or a patchwork of small squares.

They make nice splashes of color in a room.
They make nice foot warmers on a cold winter night.

I hear that warming your feet at night will help you get to sleep in winter.
I have trouble sleeping sometimes, so I'm all over that.
That's what I use my granny patchworks for.

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