Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Outdoors -- the agitator

With all the rain we had early in the month, I had the chance to see a funny thing.

So within half an hour of an absolute downpour, a bird that had been flying through it to feed nestlings, plunked down in my bird bath and splashed around.

The rain had been sluicing off its feathers whenever it took a break, sitting on my fence.

Some of you might know the reason.

All I can figure is that the rain sluices OFF the feathers, it doesn't penetrate to where the pests are.
To get rid of the pests, the bird has to get into some water about halfway up to its back,
and then thrash around to get the water up under its feathers.

It's the difference between soaking clothes and putting them in a machine with an agitator.

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