Monday, April 25, 2016

Outdoors-- it's summer!!

On summer mornings, the sun shines through the big window on the  north side of my house.
It makes a bright spot on a closet door that creeps left to the wall next  to the stairs.
It turns around and creeps back
and it disappears two months after the solstice.

It showed up yesterday morning and I might have seen it Saturday but it was cloudy and raining.

The catbird should be back in town and Saturday it should start calling.

I'm convinced the blue jays have a nest, I just don't know where.

My violets were blooming Friday morning  on the eve of Passover.
My columbines are blooming.
My wild ginger, planted last fall, is starting to spread.
The chicory is coming  up.
If my hydrangea survived the most recent frost, they'll bloom in a couple of months.
The  pokeweed is showing, promising berries for the birds.
And  I gotta cut the freaking grass.  Again.

Yep, it's summer.

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