Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm just saying -- Earth Day

So on Dear Abby somebody posts about the time it takes for things to break down in a landfill.
Dear Abby has not been doing well this year; she didn't answer the question and she didn't refer people to reliable websites.

Let's empty our recycling bins.
Let's stop drinking sodas, which are causing obesity and diabetes instead of preventing them.
Let's stop drinking bottled water, unless our local water is rotten (does the name Flint ring a bell) or we're in an emergency.
Let's stop eating in restaurants; new studies show that the PACKAGING of fast food is dumping bad chemicals into your body.  This packaging winds up in your trash because it ISN'T recyclable.
Also you don't  want to go somewhere "gluten free", only to find out later at home that they weren't  gluten free enough.  Word.  News story.
Let's cook from scratch.    We'll get fewer calories, less fat and sodium and sugar, more fiber and vegetables and fruit, for less money.  More packaging that doesn't go in the trash.
Let's take the raw vegetable and fruit refuse and the egg shells and compost them.
Let's stop dumping grass cuttings into the recycling.  It's great fertilizer for your lawn. 
Let's stop dumping leaves into the recycling.  Mow them into tiny bits and you have instant compost.  The only other thing you need to put on your lawn is cornmeal gluten for weed and feed, spring and autumn.  Cuts bee-killing chemicals.
Let's buy grocery bags that last nearly forever.  Word again.   I have some that are ten or fifteen years old.  Think of how much plastic hasn't gone into my landfill for 10-15 years because I spent $10-15 at the start of that time.

Think globally.  Act locally.

I'm just saying....

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