Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Outdoors -- two-month warning

The starlings and robins are back.  The starlings showed up yesterday and the robins today.
The males are here to set up their turf claims.
In the next 6 weeks to two months, their wives will come back.
The women will look things over and if they decide a particular male has picked a good spot,
the women will start building nests.
By March, they will be laying eggs.

Prune your privet and euonymus by February 7.
You will wind up with nice-looking hedges.
You won't get stung by bees or wasps.
And the birds will be able to nest and bring up their young in safety.

Do NOT prune azalea.  You'll cut off the flower buds.  The next time you can prune azaleas is in June after they flower.

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