Sunday, January 24, 2016

Knitting -- hours and hours

If you're not knitting, maybe it's because you don't know when you'll find the time.

Gloves -- about 12 hours per glove.
Socks -- about 12 hours per sock.
Hat -- 6-8 hours.
Pullover -- the body takes up to  40 hours and then each sleeve takes up to 20 hours.

I told you how many balls of yard it takes for the gloves, socks, and hat.
The body of the pullover takes between 5 and 6 skeins, 50 grams per skein.
Each wrist-length sleeve takes between 2 and 3 skeins.
A 3/4 length sleeve should be 2 skeins.

There are about 110 yards of yarn in a 50 gram ball of WotA worsted.
The sport weight is about 137 yards in 50 grams.

The following are approximate stitch counts for a long-sleeve pullover in WotA sport yarn.
240 stitches around;
90 rounds from hem to underarm;
12 stitches on the holder at the underarm and 5 rounds of decreases;
65 rounds from underarm to shoulder (60 rounds after you stop decreasing);
20 stitches to knit off at the shoulders (which may seem like too few but you're decreasing more at the underarm);
100 rounds in the upper arm of the sleeve with decreases every 3rd round;
35 rounds in the lower arm with decreases every 4th round;
use K2TOG in last round to end up with 60 stitches and then do the cuff as k2/p1 rib.

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  1. Pat Your knitting hours per iten are different than mine' thus i found it very interesting to read , i never counted all my stitches, in one item, i only count when planning and when i make a pattern or have to shape something. I knit a lot, while watching TV, sometimes while talking on the phone ,Riding in busses' waiting at some places, sometimes i knit/crochet quicker, sometimes slower. My oldest sweater is more than 40 years old, having enjoyed making it i also enjoy taking ggod care of it, i knit more than 60 year, sometimes i think all my knits together could cover a mountain ....It has enabled me to take care of me and family ,, and make presents for friends , mirjam

  2. Wow you can knit while talking on the phone? I tried knitting while visiting with family and couldn't keep track of both so I put down the knitting. I think you deserve a multi-tasking award.