Sunday, January 3, 2016

I'm just saying -- New Year's

And once again, we have somebody who could not survive without putting an alarm in his car.  But he was too cheap to have the vendor set it, he said “I can do that myself.” 

Like all the other jerks who have said the same thing every year since car alarms were invented, he set it too sensitive.  So my block was just treated to its yearly car-horn serenade.  Now he’s going to have to turn it off until he figures out he should have set it where the manual told him to set it, or face the wrath of his neighbors tomorrow morning.  Anybody who dies at the hands of his neighbors for this reason shouldn’t even qualify for the Darwin prize, because that requires a unique and inventive cause of death.
A law was passed in this county years ago that if your car is stolen, and the police report shows your keys were in the ignition, you not only get a bump in your car insurance, you also get a fine from the county.   The cops are tired of stolen car reports when actually, the car owner literally gave the car to the thieves.  I heard about such a case on the radio one morning; I went to the store later in the day and some woman parked near me had done the same thing.  I told her about the law and the news story.  Don’t know if she fits the dictionary definition of stupid, haven’t seen her again.
And most times when your car is broken into in this region, you have left technology or other desirable things in the car in full view.  So there are news stories over and over telling you “don’t do that!”  Sigh.
You don’t need a car alarm unless you think it will save you from the consequences of being stupid. Which it doesn't, because most thieves are smart enough cover their faces if the place has surveillance cameras. So that takes us right back to the first thing I said.

I'm just saying...
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