Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY -- Greywater again

The heavy housework this year has really improved the look and feel of my house.
Next, I looked at a new vacuum.
There are several relatively inexpensive dual  purpose vacuum cleaners that will also steam clean.
This is great if you have asthma and allergies because you can get them out much  better.
It's rotten if you are ditching detergents to improve our water supply.
Because all the makers say you should buy their expensive detergent to use in their machines.
There are alternatives.
Use your soap anyway.  If something goes wrong with  the machine you won't be able to take advantage of the warranty if any is left.

Rent a steam cleaner when  you need it.  Two uses or two days of use may cost as much as the whole machine you would buy, but you don't have to move all your furniture at once.

Have a service do it.  One hour may cost as much as a day's use  of a  rented machine and you have to move all your furniture and stand back.

Take up all your carpet and put down nice hardwood.  This probably only works if you own the place, but with the increase in asthma cases and allergies, it is a real selling point.  It's also a selling point if you've been in the place a long time; the buyer won't have to live with whatever has happened to the carpet in the last 20 years.

The first idea is the cheapest until the machine breaks;  we all know where that goes.

Look, lots of people from the Appalachian mountains westward now know just how precious clean water really is.  The DC region is getting its own lesson with a latex spill into a major source of drinking water.

The manufacturers have to wake up and support use of greywater-friendly soaps in their machines instead of detergents -- before there's a nationwide water crisis and the government forces them to do it.

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