Monday, April 6, 2015

Fact-Checking the Torah -- advance notice

Archaeology postings for this page will begin in seven weeks, Gd willing.
From this week until then it will be how legal systems work and the main reason for the urban legends about Jewish law.

I know that you have been a regular reader of this page on the blog.
I've watched the numbers tick upward, especially on Thursdays and Fridays, so I know you're out there.
I'm glad you stuck with this, but I don't know why because there haven't been any comments.
This posting is a place for you to say.
Been rolling on the floor with laughter the whole time?  Let me know.
Having attacks of cognitive dissonance?
That means most of what you were taught is different from what I posted.
What and how different?
First exposure to the Bible?  Given the number of countries that have shown up as "audience," that doesn't surprise me.
So use this posting as the stage for your comments, which you held back until now because you never knew what curve I was going to throw you next.
Don't think you're alone.  Nobody is alone.
You'll find that out.
If you comment.

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