Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY -- bedding

Because I post on knitting, you might wonder if I quilt.
Yes I do.
I'm finishing my 11th or 12th quilt.
According to colonial tradition, that means I'm eligible to marry.

A classic Amish quilt can run you $1000.
You can make one for $20 or something.
The simplest quilt is to buy exciting fabric at least 90 inches wide; buy a piece at least 2 yards long.
Remember that you're going to have to wash this quilt so I would recommend not using silk or satin, but there are cotton fabrics in sassy prints that would be perfect.
Buy batting the size of the fabric.  There are different thicknesses which give different levels of warmth.
Buy muslin or flannel the size of the fabric or a little bigger; you can cut off the extra.
Buy assorted buttons.
Buy quilt binding; measure the perimeter of your fabric and buy slightly more binding.
Buy needles and thread.
Put the muslin or flannel on the floor and smooth out the wrinkles.
Layer the batting on it and smooth it out.
Layer the cool fabric on top of that.
Use your needle and thread to baste them together with LONG stitches or they will crumple and the quilt won't look nice.
Use scissors to even up the edges and sew on the binding with mitred corners.
There are Youtube videos that demonstrate this.  Some of them misspell "mitre".
Now lay the quilt back on the floor and plan where to put the buttons.
Sew the buttons to the quilt through all three layers of fabric to keep them smooth.
Take out the basting stitches.
This is a button or tied quilt.
It's a great project to do with your kids.  Let them pick the top fabric if it's going on their beds.
Have fun and discover your artistic side!

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