Monday, October 14, 2013

Outdoors -- 'Til the Clouds Rolled By

It was dark and rainy for a few days -- not that we couldn't use the rain because we could.  But until today, I didn't know that a winter milepost had been reached.

One side of my house faces almost due south.  One of the signs of winter's approach is that about noon, the sun comes in the window at the top of the stairs and reaches to the bottom of them. 

Now that the sun is out, I saw it happen today. 

Also in my back yard there is a red cedar planter.  I can see it in the satellite image of my address on Google; I plant vegetables in it. 

Now that the sun is out, at noon the shadow of my roof brushes the south end of the planter.

The good part is that at the winter solstice, on a sunny day, the sun floods completely across my living room.  Yes, it's a small room, but it's so cheerful to see the sun that day, and know that in a few months spring will be here, that I don't mind the relationship with the date.

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