Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Men, pay attention. It's time to take back your invention.

That's right. Guys invented knitting and crochet.

When they were out pasturing sheep, they would pick the hair and wool that got pulled out by thorn bushes. They would roll it up and eventually it got spun out into woolen yarn.

Men would figure out things to do with the chunky or bulky or worsted yarn, and that includes knitting.

German sock peddlers were famous for working on their wares as they tramped the country; their rapid knitting is legendary.  Scotsmen knitted sweaters. Knitting guilds only accepted men. Injured soldiers were encouraged to knit for therapy in the world wars. Knitting is sometimes prescribed for people with high BP.

Check out this site.

Johnnie Vasquez has scores of videos showing separate stitches. In one, you watch him knit a Shetland eyelet lace edging using tiny needles and delicate yarn. He has knitting motifs from all over the world, shows multi-color work and cabling, and ways to use up leftover yarn.

LEFTIES RISE UP.  Johnnie shows left-handed versions of stitches too.

Go like him and then save the link.

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