Sunday, August 28, 2016

Psych! I found the 21st century!

Never say you have a problem, say you have a challenge.

So my landline handset broke.  Instead of buying another, which would have been cheap,
I actually bought a cell (will pay itself back compared to leasing from the wireless service)
and joined up with a wireless service.
Downloaded a few apps (geeky stuff)
Texting with my grrls which is cool
still getting used to thumb typing.
(Never do that after a big glass of wine; wound up using the voice typing features.)
Loving the camera which ignores how my hand shakes and produces nice photos.
(Taken at my house, not off in the boonies somewhere and LOOK MA Google fixed the problems they were having with Internet Explorer!)
Suggested to the phone maker that a future incarnation should incorporate the Israeli technology  that  would let it work like a tricorder.
So sue me, I'm an olllld Trekker.

Found Spotify some  time back and gathered a bunch of music for free (not on premium) that I wasn't willing to pay iTunes for.
Made a playlist with a long history behind it (goes with a fan fiction novel)
ONE piece of necessary music was missing.
Found it on Youtube.
Found a site that can convert it to MP3.
Found the site that tells you how to upload music to Spotify via "local files"
Did it.
Found out I could edit the playlist graphic too, found the right one for the playlist online and copied that to "local files"  too, then put it on the playlist.
Tested it.
Sounds great.
Looks great.

Never say die.

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