Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I'm blowin' up!

I had a lovely message from R. Bechhofer who posted a couple  of comments here.
It explains why the blog is blowin' up today.
R. Bechhofer has a series of audio lectures on Jerusalem Talmud, a subject that has gotten less attention than its bigger cousin, Babylonian Talmud.

The text is here with  a Hebrew interface that won't give you any problems if you're really ready for Talmud.  My experience is that you'd better spend at least five years with Torah and at least another five with Mishnah before you go there.

Since Talmud is partly written in Aramaic, you  also want this.

It focuses on Babylonian Talmud but it's a start.

One of R. Bechhofer's comments in his audio lectures opened my eyes to a common feature between Jerusalem Talmud and Torah.
I'll be discussing it, Gd willing, toward the end of the blog because for me it was the final  nail in the coffin on a subject I'll get into in, keyn ahora, about a year.

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