Monday, May 30, 2016

I'm just saying -- pundits

So I hear a radio spot by a broadcaster I sometimes agree with and when it was over I was ROTFLOL.

He had this pundit on who was saying people shouldn't eat breakfast if they're not hungry.
But what he DIDN'T say was it could be the result of eating at the wrong time of day.

If you pig out at night, of course you won't be hungry in the morning.
But you will be fat.
Because you won't work off any of those calories.
Because you are tired from work, it  probably will be fast food if it's not just plain junk food.
I mean, face it: which of us are going to eat 2 cups of chopped fruit at night?
But we'll sure as shooting put away a whole box of delivery fried rice.
And because we're tired, we won't work out after that.
We'll have a shot of whiskey or something like that -- more calories.
More bad calories.
Because alcohol prevents your body from metabolizing fat properly.
And then we'll crash in bed.

So if you're not hungry in the morning, and the above is a pretty good description of what you do after work,
It's YOUR fault if you aren't hungry in the morning.

So this is one of those pundits who gets attention by pretending that EVERYTHING IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL and we'll always be fat and tired and sick

Which is (ahem) nonsense.

I'm just saying...

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