Monday, May 23, 2016

Bit at a Time Bible Hebrew -- this is it

For all of those who had the same questions as Mirjam on either the Biblical Hebrew or Fact-Checking pages.

Everybody who starts a project like this writes a preface to manage the user's expectations.

Nobody ever reads it unless they are really frustrated.

Here it is.

Read it, re-read it, and then if you still don't understand why you have those questions, read it again.

You probably saw the comment on that post.  It espouses the Victorian authoritarian view which ignores advances in every field. 
I'm writing about the 21st century view which meshes authoritatively with results in linguistics for modern languages.
It coordinates with studies of ancient languages, and thus with archaeological finds.
It also meshes with oral traditions studies of structure and content of worldwide literature.
Citing to authorities who were teaching before this information came out is not a correction. 
Since their information is outdated, citing to them is a fallacious appeal to misleading authority. 
I'll have more critiques of authoritarianism on the Fact-Checking part of the blog before I have finished.

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  1. Readers may be interested to know that Mirjam has a website. If she's writing on that website about her experiences, she hasn't chosen to tell me so. It would be a wonderful picture of how things were where she lived at the time, and I'm sad that she hasn't chosen to publicize it.