Sunday, November 22, 2015

Outdoors -- the hawk is on the loose

Well, yeah, the weather front "Hawk" too, as I know from the migraine I had the other week.

But the broad-wing hawk made a pass through our back yards this morning,
and I've seen him sitting high in an oak tree on the other  side of the street.

The Cooper's hawk has also showed up once so far,
as I know from the bird panic that left a patch of bird-dust on my back window
when one of my birds bumped into it.

I believe it's a sure thing that the robin's wife took him south with her.

The mockingbird is still here; I saw him eating pokeberries when I was in the kitchen washing dishes.

Otherwise the weather has been two to four mild days and then a whole day of rain.

The mild days are great for taking a folded up blanket onto the south porch,
with a book and a mug of tea
a piece of cake and my house keys
and making some vitamin D.

The cold and rainy days are great for working on my blog or my books
and listening to the sparrows gossip in the bushes.

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