Sunday, November 1, 2015

Garden -- November

Read Mike McGrath's article.

A mass media publication recently said using leaves for compost was wrong.  They don't know Jack -- I mean, they don't know Mike!

Mike has always said not to leave whole leaves on your lawn.  He has always said to shred those leaves before leaving them on the lawn.

And oh yeah -- NO PRUNING NOW!  It's in the article.

As you can see from Mike's post, the people that charge you for yard work mostly don't know what they're doing --  but  they know you don't know either and that's how they get your money.

In Maryland the state has licensing programs for tree care experts.  Unfortunately, they don't know Jack either.

They do not tell licensees to keep mulch away from the tree trunks. 

They do not tell licensees not to prune in autumn.

So even if you go to the  trouble of checking for a state license number, you have to interview them to see if the people know what they're doing.

If you're in Maryland, go to the Extension Service website at University of Maryland.  Print it out and hold it in your hand during the interview, with a whopping big red pen in your hand.  Every time the "expert" says something that the printout contradicts, mark it.  Then show the guy why you're not going to hire him.  Here's the link.

However, now IS a good time to plant trees.  Again, make sure the guy has a license and print out  the extension service information which is here.

And again, here is a printout on tree care.

Notice that the tree care PDF never discusses shredded hardwood mulch.  Never never never buy shredded hardwood mulch.  This PDF says why you should never use shredded hardwood mulch.

Yeah, I'm a bitch about stuff like this but I refuse to pay people to do things wrong.  Your only defense is to know how to do things right.  If you're rich enough  to light your barbecue with benjamins, you don't care about that.  Most of us do have to care.

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