Thursday, May 18, 2017

21st Century Bible Hebrew -- Grammar Review 1

All right, this is about the fifth month of this series and I think it’s important to stop and review. Here are the things I’ve talked about so far.
Perfect aspect verbs
Progressive aspect verbs
Imperfect aspect verbs
Narrative imperfect syntax
Shortened imperfect verbs
Certainty epistemic
Evidentiary epistemic
Deontic verbs
Epistemic verbs
Piel binyan
Qal binyan
The binyan system in general
Verb root classes
The nine lamed heh verbs that appear in certainty/evidentiary epistemic
Future use syntax
Vav and three reasons why it doesn’t mean “and”
Construct noun
Construct phrase
Definite noun
Indefinite noun
Subject incorporated in verb prefixes or suffixes
Dagesh and gutturals
Dagesh and long vowels
Dagesh in resh in Jewish literature
Using a dictionary: root letters
Transitive and intransitive verbs
Opening and closing a narrative
“To be”
Amar in imperfect aspect
If you can remember just one thing about each of these subjects, give yourself a reward, such as a week off. I’ll keep posting but you might need a brain break.
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