Sunday, December 25, 2016

Knitting -- box of tissues

Open a fresh one to wipe the drool off your chin.

Then see if you can find online videos from the British archaeology TV series "Time Team". 

What I'm drooling over is the sweaters the people were wearing -- Fair Isle, Aran, argyle, a few with Norwegian style yokes.  I'm ignoring all the modern stuff like Mick Aston's multi-colors, one with horizontal and the other with vertical stripes.  Although they could be hand-knit, come to think of it.

Archaeology is a very dirty pursuit.  Here are all these people who could afford to wear these lush classic sweaters while doing their job.  Maybe they took them off for the work and put them on for the filming.  Maybe they were made of synthetic yarns and could be machine washed.  I hope so because I could weep from jealousy thinking that these were real woolen hand-knits.  Another good reason to have a box of tissues around.

Anyway I have designed a Fair Isle sweater using 1920s motifs that Ann Keitelson published.  I'll try to get a photo of me in it to post but don't hold your breath because I have lots of other  projects to finish first. 

I'm also saving up to buy Mary MacGregor's reprint of Robert Williamson's collection which is where Keitelson got the motifs she  published.

I might go back over the  videos and try to capture some of the Fair Isle designs.  If you do, why not post them and send me a link!

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