Sunday, July 3, 2016

Garden -- July 2016

More on grass: notice that Mike's first bullet is the one I pointed out was missing last time.

We still don't need it with all the rain we've gotten in the last two weeks but the end is near!

I have pollinator blooms: Korean dill, chicory, and a plant that I think was celeriac.
It's a biennial, it gets about 5 feet high, it has yellow flowers that the bees love.
When the seeds mature, the sparrows will be all over them.
They came in squadrons to monitor  the progress last week.

Pokeweed flowers are on.  They're not pretty or aromatic but they'll make berries for the birds to eat this  winter.

Yes.  Grrrr.  I had more poison ivy this year.  I pulled it a couple of weeks ago after heavy rain and got a little bit skunked in spite of heavy flushing in cold running water within 10 minutes.
Ice cube poultice right away to kill the itch, check.
Lavender essential oil  -- on the blisters, not the healthy skin -- check.
Witch hazel in alcohol daily, check.
Aloe gel mixed with chickweed infusion to restore the skin after the blisters go, check.

I got out my herbal bug repellent to put on before I dump the birdbath at night. 
It's witch hazel in alcohol, plus several essential oils.
Citronella, of course; lavender; cedar wood; bunch of others.
I'm plotting to plant lemon balm and Oswego tea near the birdbath to scare off skeeters next year.

If  you look around, you should see blooming trees:
Virginia magnolia: there are two huge ones near my town library half a block away and a northerly breeze carries their magnificent citrusy fragrance straight to my house;
golden raintree;
some early crepe myrtles.

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