Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Garden -- about yesterday

If you skipped yesterday's post, please go back and read it, then come back here.
You still have time to plan to stop breeding Japanese beetles on your lawn.
First, check out the mower you use now.
Will it let you set the blade at 3 inches?
If not, you need a new mower.
You might not be able to find a gas or electric mower that will do this.
The concept behind gas and electric mowers depends on you not knowing that you are breeding Japanese beetles when you set your blade too low.
You might have to buy a push mower.
You're saying "but that takes too much energy!"
Not when you set your blade at 3 inches.
You will only be cutting grass blades, which are relatively soft.
When you set the blade lower, you are cutting the stems, which are tougher.
When you had a gas or electric mower, you didn't care because you didn't feel it -- except for how often you had to re-sharpen the blade.

Come to your senses.
Stop breeding Japanese beetles and providing food to starlings.
Get a  mower  that lets you set the blade at 3 inches.
If you have a lawn service, insist that they use your mower or set their blades higher.
If they won't, fire them.
They're hurting your grass and also your roses and other flowers, by breeding Japanese beetles.

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